Papers under review

Cash transfers, informal taxation, and community participation: Evidence from south-central Somalia (with Fabrizio Santoro and Michael Walker) — R&R

‘A disease of air-conditioned rooms’: Gendered Geographies and Vaccine Hesitancy Among Informal Workers (with Max Gallien, Shandana Mohmand, and Umair Javed) — R&R

The politics of taxation and tax reform in times of crisis: Covid-19 and attitudes towards taxation in Sierra Leone (with Wilson Prichard and Nicolas Orgeira) — R&R

Between God, the people and the state: Situating zakat in modern Muslim-majority states (with Max Gallien and Umair Javed)

Zakat, tax, and redistribution: Obligation and charity in times of Covid-19 (with Max Gallien and Umair Javed)

Catch them if you can: The politics and practice of a taxpayer registration exercise (with Max Gallien and Giovanni Occhiali)

Engendering taxation: A research and policy agenda (with Anuradha Joshi and Jalia Kangave)

Informal taxes fill gaps in state crisis responses: Evidence from Sierra Leone during Covid-19 (with Wilson Prichard and Nicolas Orgeira)

Works in progress

Informal revenue generation and the state: Evidence from Sierra Leone (book manuscript)

The political economy of taxation in Somalia (with Najibullah Nor Isak)

Labour, tax, and development: Shifting norms around labour taxes from the colonial era to today 

Informal revenue generation and inequality in the DRC

Feed the hand that doesn't bite you: Informality, tax and markets in Kinshasa (with Yannick Bokasola and Eddy Ngwakoyo)

Informal workers and the state: The politics of connection and disconnection during the pandemic in India (with Max Gallien and Harshita Sinha) 

Data collection in progress

Gender and taxation in Accra's informal economy (with Nana Akua Anyidoho, Max Gallien, and Mike Rogan)

Informal taxation and the provision of "free" public education: The impacts of a policy reform in Sierra Leone

The role of chiefs in supplementing or undermining the state: Evidence from local governments in Sierra Leone

The logic of armed group taxation: A new dataset (with Tanya Bandula-Irwin, Max Gallien,  Ashley Jackson, and Florian Weigand)